Burglars, Inc. Tool Tips!

Every good burglar knows you need the right tool for the right job. Tools in Burglars, Inc. can be earned as mission rewards or bought in the handy Hardware Shop with the cash that you earn in the game. They can be lifesavers on particularly tricky missions, so pack a few in your tool belt and don’t hesitate to use them!

Hand Drill – Fills the meter a small amount

Cost: $1000

Pro tip! Use the hand drill if you need to boost the meter up a bit to gain another star


Ice Spray – Freezes the clock for a little while

Cost: $1500

Pro tip! You can use the ice spray in Locke’s levels to gain an extra trigger push


Linker – Changes a puzzle piece to a 4 link piece

Cost: $2500

Pro tip! Use these bad boys on the bottom row to create monster multi-chains


Crowbar – Breaking pieces adds more to the meter for a while

Cost: $2500

Pro tip! Wait until you have a really nice chain, then use the crowbar and break it


Wire Cutter – Breaks some pieces and collects bonuses

Cost: $2000

Pro tip! Use these at the start of security missions to soften up the security borders


Bomb Defuser – Gets rid of traps for a while

Cost: $1000

Pro tip! Need a break from those pesky bombs? Use this to clear all traps on a mission


Flash Bang – Resets the puzzle board for free

Cost: $2000

Pro tip! If you’ve used up all the good puzzle pieces, toss this in the mix to reset the board


Flashlight – Collects all bonuses

Cost: $1000

Pro tip! Use this to collect cash, tool boxes, and all of the time bonuses you can see


Compound interest – Cash bonuses earn more for a while

Cost: $1000

Pro tip! Combo this tool with the super tools Loot Lure or Mega Flash and earn fat stacks!


There’s tons more items in the game to get, like super tools, outfits, eye wear, and gadgets. Each one will help in different ways, so be sure to try them all. Happy burgling, and thanks for reading from your friendly burglars at Burglars, Inc!

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