Burglars, Inc. Art Style

Hello, everyone! Here’s a quick post about the art of Burglars, Inc.

When we first started making Burglars, Inc., one of the questions we had to answer was what was the game going to look like? It’s always a hard thing to figure out when you’re at the beginning. I had done stylized, cartoony, and realistic art looks for previous projects (examples below), but we knew we wanted something a bit different for Burglars, Inc.

After a lot of thought, we tried focusing on edges rather than lines (diagonals felt better for some reason), big flat shapes, cool colors, and lots of simplified cast shadows to define form. It ended up becoming something that felt like a cross between a comic book and animation, with film noir influence. This look worked for us in three major ways –  it was easy to read on smaller phone screens, it compressed well so we could keep our game’s file size small, and it fit our theme. Huzzah!

Once we hit upon a style we liked, it was just a matter of refining it with good old-fashioned trial and error. Here’s an example of a speed painting done in the art style of Burglars, Inc. I hadn’t drawn Chase in a while when I recorded this video, so it took a few tries to get her likeness correct. Thanks, and happy burgling!

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