Fuzzy Orbit Games
Based in San Diego, CA

Founding date:
January 1, 2016


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Burglars Inc



Fuzzy Orbit Games is a two-man development team. Andy codes and Patrick designs and draws things. Andy has worked on several AAA titles and was a co-founder of The Blimp Pilots, a small company that enjoyed great success in the early days of the iOS App Store with Koi Pond, the Top Paid App of 2008. Patrick currently works for The Behemoth (of Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater fame), who generously provided testing resources via The Research Centaur, their QA and UX offshoot. Fuzzy Orbit Games was born out of Patrick and Andy's shared love for the craft of making games and the great working relationship they've enjoyed over many years of game development together. Burglars, Inc. is the company's first title.


Fuzzy Orbit Games

Fuzzy Orbit Games got its start three years ago when two game developers, Andy and Patrick, decided to pursue their passion to make unique and lovingly crafted games together. Both have worked on various large projects for the PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, and the PC over the years, but they had their own original ideas that they wanted to explore as well. Working in the wee hours of the night after their day jobs, they slowly built their first product, Burglars, Inc. The name "Fuzzy Orbit" comes from a technique for interplanetary space travel that is gradual but resource-efficient, which seemed to fit their development style just right (plus, space is awesome).

Burglars, Inc.

Burglars, Inc. was developed independently by Fuzzy Orbit Games. The original puzzle mechanic was conceived of and tested in the summer of 2013. Finding the main mechanic simple but fun, work began to flesh it out into a full title for iOS. After an initial intense two week game jam resulted in a promising "proof of concept" prototype, the meat of the project was completed in whatever spare moments Andy and Patrick could find after work and while raising babies. Three years later, Burglars, Inc. is the finished result. They hope you like it!



Burglars, Inc. Launch Trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition


    Andy Skirvin
    Co-Founder and Programmer

    Patrick Dailey
    Co-Founder and Artist/Designer



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