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Burglars, Inc. is a brand new kind of puzzle game featuring a full cast of characters in a story driven experience. Follow the adventures of Chase and her friends as they crack safes, pick locks, hunt for trophies, nab cash, and burgle sweet loot throughout the city.


Burglars, Inc. was devolved independently by two game industry vets who like to make games together.


– Experience a brand new kind of puzzle game
– Take part in a fun, original story
– 100s of puzzles to try to beat
– Collect loot, cash, tools, and gear
– Rank up and unlock tons of goodies
– Discover hidden secrets in the city

Fact Sheet

Developer – Fuzzy Orbit Games Based in San Diego, CA

Release Date – June, 2016

Platforms – iPhone 4 and up, iPad 3 and up

Website –

Regular Price – $2.99

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About Fuzzy Orbit Games

Boilerplate – A two-man indie team composed of industry vets Andy (code/tech guy) and Patrick (art/design guy). Burglars, Inc. is the first game from Fuzzy Orbit and is available now on iOS devices.

More Information – Contact us at

Burglars, Inc. Credits

Patrick Dailey – Artist and Designer, Andy Skirvin – Programmer, Bryan Teoh – Original Music Composer, Cat Neri – Sound Designer, The Research Centaur – Testing