The Music of Burglars, Inc.

Early on, we had no idea how we were going to find the right music to really match the theme of the Burglars, Inc. universe and the pace of its puzzle solving adventures.

Patrick, our creative guy, has been known to write the occasional song for his band, so he initially took a stab at composing a demo track for Chase’s puzzles. It helped us get a feel for the style of music we thought would work well in the game, which we call “spy jazz”. Check it out here (warning – it was never mixed so the quality is pretty garbage):

Patrick quickly discovered he didn’t have the jazz chops to pull off what we were looking for in Burglars, Inc. Ultimately, this demo made us realize we needed a professional!

We started searching for someone who was already producing music in this style and eventually stumbled upon a song by composer Bryan Teoh that perfectly represented the “spy jazz” vibe we were after. After sampling more of Bryan’s work on and SoundCloud, we were super impressed with the quality of his arrangements and his versatility in composing a wide range of musical styles. We immediately knew he was the man for the job, and were thrilled that he took up our offer to score the game!

Check out Bryan’s blog post here in which he goes into detail about his Burglars, Inc. composition process and how he arrived at the final arrangement. Be sure to take a listen. It’s really, really good!

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